Why Goals - Not Tools - Drive Your Marketing Strategy

"There's a Tool for That"

Now more than ever, there is a tool for ‘this’, a tool for ‘that.’ There’s this software and that software. And of course there is an app for each one as well so you can take your tools on the go.

There’s so much noise bombarding entrepreneurs and business owners demanding the use of specific tools, or ALL the tools, in order to grow and scale your business. With so many options it’s easy to get overwhelmed and hard to see what is actually suitable for your business to help you get to the next level.

Every project management tool, marketing tool, or software promises to make your life easier and directly contribute to a growing bottom line. But do they? Are tools the source of your growth or can they potentially steal too much of your attention from where it truly needs to be?

Before you join the bandwagon of another tool just because it landed on the latest “Top 10 Marketing Tools for This Year” list, take a step back and assess your true goals. 

Your goals drive. Your goals determine the process. The tools are cogs in the process to help facilitate achieving your goals. 

Goals come first.

Even now, take a moment to revisit your vision for your company. What are the goals you set for this year and this quarter? Are you on track? Does your team know what they are and are they working toward the same? 

Focusing on your goals helps push the noise and other distractions into the background and helps you drive forward with more clarity and boldness. This focus also helps you define how you’ll get there which in turn, helps you identify the specific tools you need. 

Without the noise, review your well-defined goals, and now identify what kind of tools and help you and your team need to build the future you want in the most efficient manner. 

Hint: it's not all of them. 

Just like stopping by New York on your way from Utah to Alabama doesn’t make sense, there are many tools that won’t make sense when you keep your goals in the forefront. If a software or tool won’t get you closer to your goal, it’s just noise and needs to be ignored.

Because that’s the job of a tool: to make your job easier and serve your purpose, not the other way around. If your team is a slave to a “tool” you’ve subscribed to, maybe it’s time to reevaluate it. 

Plus, when you’re trying to scale, you often need a “who” instead of a “what”. DIY marketing platforms are only beneficial so long. When your goals grow beyond the capacity of DIY marketing, you need the right “who” in your corner. 

who is in your corner?

Find a marketing partner you can connect with, that has the right experience and can help you filter the noise and identify the right tools to best help you drive the new revenue and business growth that you’ve defined. 

Stay focused on your big goals and partner with an agency that will add fuel to the fire and help you get there.

The right marketing partner has an ever-growing experience base to pull from and add momentum to your objectives. Because they’re also keen to gain and keep the competitive edge, they keep learning and adding to their expertise which your marketing strategy directly benefits from. They often work within a variety of industries as well, which increases the wealth of knowledge you can now tap into for guidance and creativity.

You have big aspirations and big goals. Don’t settle for small DIY solutions that can’t get the growth done. Remember, your goals drive your strategy, not the tools. 

If you’re ready to cut out the noise and focus on building the future you imagine, schedule a discovery call. We’d love to help you.

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