Teamsourcing: The Stress Relief Solution to Your Business Growth Dilemma

Today's Business Landscape

I feel pulled in twenty different directions!

These tasks aren’t in my wheelhouse, but I have to get them done.

I need people who know how to do this well so I can get back to focusing on what I'm good at. Where do I find them?

Have you ever had these thoughts? As a business owner (or manager) you’re still limited to the same 24 hours as everyone else and to the skills and knowledge you currently have. Yes, you could train yourself in all areas of business: marketing, admin, strategic planning, accounting, etc. but is that the best use of your time and resources?

It’s unfortunate that with business growth, a new business, or new role, etc., the experiential knowledge to ace the new venture is not bestowed on you with angelic visitation.

stressed out employer with too much on his plate

It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with all of the demands of business ownership or management. That “out of your depth” feeling looms overhead when you’re trying to grow your company while balancing all the moving parts.

Are you a craftsman and now you need to be an expert accountant? Or could you win Food Network's Cupcake Wars but you’re now expected to know everything about digital marketing?

It's a lot!

As heroic as you try to be, you don’t know what you don’t know and you are only one person. You need help. AND you need other people. Sometimes… you need a lot of other people.

connect with the team that can help you grow

Here is the issue: You need help, and you’re ready to look for it, BUT….along with not knowing where to look, hiring all of the someones you need is a daunting task and very expensive.

What's the solution?

Let me introduce you to TEAMSOURCING.

What is Teamsourcing?

In a nutshell, Teamsourcing outsources your marketing (or other business needs) to a team instead of just an individual. Plain and simple, instead of contracting a consultant or a single person who is an expert in one area, you hire a team of experts in multiple areas who can help you in all of the places you need it.

We’ll use the example of digital marketing since that’s the sandbox we play in.

When you hire Fortibus, a top-tier digital marketing agency, you get a team of experts in multiple areas of marketing and growing a company who can get you the best results.

teamsourcing leads to better results faster

Teams are proven to be more efficient and get faster results. They can manage heavier workloads and deliver projects faster.

If you don’t want to increase your employee overhead (think not just salaries but benefits, equipment, programs, office space, management, human resources, etc.), you might want to consider teamsourcing.

How can Teamsourcing benefit my company?

1. Eliminate the hiring headaches. Remove the stress of shuffling through resumes and interviewing just to find one person. When you teamsource, the interviewing and hiring has already been done with individual team members. The onboarding, training, and culture building has as well. By teamsourcing you have access to a team that is already in place, running with momentum.

2. Skip the training phase. With teamsourcing, you don’t have to spend time away from your business attempting to train others in areas that aren’t even your skill set. Your partner agency is already established and trained. Everyone is already familiar with one another, understands each other’s work and communication styles and knows how to work together in order to deliver projects as efficiently as possible. They have the skills you desperately need and can get to work immediately filling the gaps.

3. Lower cost. Rather than hiring one individual with one set of skills, by hiring an entire team, you benefit from the talents, knowledge, and skills of multiple specialists for less expense. This is compounded when you consider it’s often way less expensive than hiring multiple individuals.

4. Multiple specialities + Multiple perspectives. A team provides you the advantage of multiple experts as well as each of their unique views. With the collaboration from multiple people your company can land on the best ideas with less time and effort. Growth is increased exponentially and effort is reduced.

Teamsourcing reduces your headache.

pull out quote on teamsourcing

We often get into business because of our passions - how we want to help people or share our creations with the world or make a difference in our communities. Teamsourcing can alleviate the business tasks that aren’t your passions so you can enjoy what you’re doing, and keep it that way. Don’t take on tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse, teamsource those. Let a team of specialists come alongside you and lend their experience and passion to the areas you need them most.

Keep your passions alive.

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