Website Development

Have you ever been on a website trying to find information, make a purchase, or figure out what a company does? Whether you sell a product, provide a service, or provide important information, it must be done well.

Why Should My Business Have A Website?

Your website is where you make a first impression; think of it as your first meeting with someone new. It’s important that you are presentable, can answer questions appropriately, and make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Your website has to do this for you. Research shows that once a user is on your website, it only takes half a second to decide if he or she likes it. Every aspect of your website plays into this - imagery, themes, backgrounds, content and overall user experience. Read more about building a website that helps increase engagement here.

Mobile or Desktop

Something else to keep in mind is the overall accessibility of your website. Mobile devices have become the most popular method of accessing the internet. That means you meet more people on their phone than you do on their computer. Even on mobile, your website must be aesthetically attractive, while optimized for conversion and user experience.

Pro Tip: "Call to action" links are missing on about 70% of all homepages. This is a huge misstep! Take advantage of this, get ahead of your competition, and ask for the sale by placing direct CTAs (Call-To-Action) on your homepage. By doing this, you are making it easy for potential leads to become paying customers!

Do you need a website or a redesign? Whether you’re building an informational site, an ecommerce site, or anything in between, we can help. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation!