Web Design

We specialize in designing custom websites that look great and function well. We take the time to learn about your company and what you’re looking for, and then design a site that fits your needs perfectly.

Our team is experienced in all facets of website design, creating both simple and complex websites. We also include proper search engine optimization (SEO) structure on each site we build to help lay the foundation for you to rank higher in search results.


We’ve designed websites for businesses of all sizes in multiple industries, and we know what it takes to create the perfect site. Whether you do ecommerce, or you need complex automation or custom functionality to streamline your business processes, or simply a website that converts better, we can help.


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Recent Projects

When the custom code on their website stopped functioning and the web developer who wrote it was unreachable, our team took on the challenge of creating an entirely new site with an enhanced user experience and optimized automations without any down time. We created new custom features to serve their ecommerce demands and structured the website for SEO so they could rank higher  in customer searches. We also built a separate and secure customer portal with customized rules for product shipping.

To help capture more conversions and gain new customers, we updated Figs and Honey’s website with a strong SEO foundation, improved functionality, and a more modern and aesthetically pleasing design. This approach, catered to both the search engine robots and humans, resulted in a 132% increase in annual sales over their best year.

Old Charleston Painting Company was an award-winning commercial and residential painting company with no online presence. Our team built them a new website, structured for SEO and to highlight their premium services and provide a source of lead generation. The simple design and streamlined user experience has resulted in increased leads, customer calls, and sales over previous years. They now have a place to showcase their work, gain more exposure, and establish their credibility and authority in the painting industry.

Faced with a 20+ year old ecommerce website that wasn’t generating any traffic or sales, Nutrition Advisor reached out for a new website structured for SEO and optimized for SEM. Our designers also upgraded their website style and functionality to improve user experience and create a simpler product ordering process. Now, potential customers can discover the benefits of each health supplement and place an order with ease.

Along with crafting a logo and brand guide for startup Eternal Wellness, we built their website to serve as a hub for service and product offerings as well as resources for those embarking on a journey to better health. Structured for quality SEO and set up with integrations, automation and AI have simplified their processes. Staff can now spend more time with patients with the help of  several third party integrated applications facilitating appointment scheduling, product purchases, and email sign ups.

Frustrated with the lack of new customers and poor online visibility, Disaster Plus needed a better way to connect with potential clients. We developed a website that prioritized user experience and was visually appealing. This was accomplished without sacrificing proper site structure and included the right content to help customers find them in search engines. This resulted in a better brand image and an increase in new customers.