Case Study

Intentional Design Increases Revenue 132% Over Best Year

Client Overview

Figs & Honey Catering is a family owned and operated catering company offering personalized catering services to the Greater Atlanta area for more than 20 years. Event catering includes weekly office staff meetings, corporate events, film production sets, social events, private parties, and weddings.


Figs & Honey Catering had been in business for more than 18 years with a solid reputation around Atlanta. Due to their “customizing an experience” approach, they had built a base of loyal customers. The challenge was they weren’t attracting many new customers.

They were doing SEO and attracting new visitors to their website and were ranking for a plethora of high-volume searches. People were landing on their site but not calling or getting in touch with them. Pat Tilson, Figs & Honey Catering owner, reached out to us looking for solutions.

She explained her frustration with the lack of new customers and events they were booking. She asked for help to figure out what the issue was and how to get new customers to call and hire them.


After getting an understanding of the company, we used The Strategic Blueprint™ to gain a fuller view of what was going on. This process provided Figs & Honey Catering with the necessary details about their online presence and how they were being received, their ideal customer, and what their competition was up to in order to get a better understanding of where the disconnect was.

We found their website had broken links, a poor user experience, and didn’t connect with their ideal customer. The Figs & Honey website was outdated and wasn’t taking advantage of the SEO efforts they were doing.

The website needed to provide a better user journey, be structured in a way to take advantage of the marketing they previously started, and cater (no pun intended) to their ideal customer.

  • Elevated Design: Since Figs & Honey Catering wanted to cater larger and more unique events, the website design needed to impart confidence that working with them would be a great experience.
    • Structure: We restructured the website in a way to provide a greater opportunity for SEO and attract even more people to the website. This included specific content that targeted high-volume keywords and resonated with Figs & Honey Catering’s target audience.


    • User Journey: We crafted the user journey to help visitors find the information on the type of event they were looking for quickly and show the breadth of the types of events Figs & Honey Catering could cater. We also ensured the menus were easily accessible and presented at the right time while navigating the site.


    Within the first month of the new website being launched, Pat reported a significant increase in people reaching out to hire them. What’s better is they were beginning to get requests for the larger, more unique events they wanted. By the end of the year, sales were 132% higher than their best year in the history of the company.

    Figs & Honey Catering continues to grow and they're now catering the events they love and still providing an amazing experience for their customers.