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Are you a company with a great product or service but need to reach new customers in order to really grow? Have you tried numerous digital marketing methods but you're not seeing the results you desire? We understand how frustrating it can be trying to reach new people online especially with technology constantly changing.

Fortibus Marketing is an SEO industry leader that has continued to evolve over the years, always staying on the cutting edge to anticipate where things are heading while utilizing the SEO strategies that are currently working to drive our clients more quality traffic and increase conversion rates resulting in an increased ROI.

If you have been searching for a SEO agency in Charleston, SC that is not just interested in showing you a bunch of statistics but focuses instead on getting your phone ringing and helping you reach your long term goals for growth, then contact us today to set up a free consultation.

In case you’re wondering, we do not only help companies in Charleston! It’s just where we’re headquartered. We work with clients nationwide so whether you are looking for local SEO or national SEO, we are a top rated SEO agency here to help you get noticed!

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Does SEO Work?

The real question everyone asks is, “Will my SEO investment lead to new clients and or more sales?” SEO does not work in a vacuum. Search engine optimization can drive traffic and send potential customers or new leads to your website, but there are other important factors that affect your conversion rates. These factors should be addressed in a detailed marketing strategy. Throwing a bunch of mud against the wall to see what sticks is a sure path to waste.

If your website is designed well with easy navigation and a good user experience, if your landing pages are designed to convert with a clear call to action, and if the people that are answering the phones excel at talking to existing and potential customers, then naturally the increased traffic will result in new clients and increased profits.

We Can Help

Transparency is a core value we hold at Fortibus. We care about helping our clients achieve success and consider ourselves part of your team. We track the improvements of your search engine rankings and work with you to track conversions and identify what is working that we need to be doing more of, what is not working that needs to be cut, and where we can improve. We also schedule opportunities via video conferencing or in person, if you are local, to touch base, ask questions, and answer any questions you may have while we help you generate more leads and achieve your goals. We pick up the phone and talk with you directly. If you are looking for a team with proven SEO results driving quality traffic and positioning our clients to obtain new customers, contact us today!