What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

Let's define the two elements before we get down to the nitty gritty and start to split hairs.

what's the difference between a logo and a brand?

A logo is a visual design graphic that conveys the character and essence of a brand. It should be memorable and is a crucial part of a brand and is a visual reminder of a company for its consumers. It symbolizes your brand.

Meanwhile a brand is the story that your company is telling. It is a consistent voice of the company - almost giving the company a face, if you will. You are humanizing the brand because purchasing really boils down to feelings and emotions. Your brand is a combination of customer experience and company culture. 

what are people saying about you?

And that brings us to the question, “Is your logo your brand?” No, they are not the same. A brand is the base, or foundation, of a company; while a logo is the visual shortcut to remind the consumer of the brand. Your logo is a critical part of your brand, but it is not the brand itself - it’s part of the recipe, if you will. A logo needs a brand to back it up.

Even though they are different, they do interact. Both a logo and a strong brand are important when talking about your company’s marketing. Consistency and repetition is key.

How important is a logo to your brand?

Your logo will be on everything you produce, from your website to newsletters, invoices, signage, social media, business cards, ads, t-shirts, etc. This can present a huge problem if your logo is weak and insufficiently defines your brand. When working with a graphic designer on your logo, don’t rush it. You want this logo to be around for such a long time that it becomes recognizable. You want to look at it and be proud, not look at it and have regrets or think you should make changes.

Your brand personality and story can be communicated via the logo. The power of a logo is immeasurable. So don’t ever forget that it matters.

The great thing about a logo is that you can use it everywhere to showcase, or advertise, your brand to your clients and keep consistent messaging. You want your logo to hit home with your customers, and help them identify your business.

Does a logo really matter?

We’ve all heard, “No such thing as a second first impression.” Isn’t that the truth!? And this translates directly to the logo for your company. Most of the time, the first points of contact, or impression, a customer has with your brand is your logo. A well thought out logo is so distinctive that it sets you apart, making your company memorable. That is how you get that customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Logos are a way to distinguish your company from your competition, before they ever come visit you or make a purchase. A well designed logo reflects who you are and establishes your brand's identity, giving you an edge over your competitors.

make your logo unique

When you’re working with graphic designers to make your unique, distinctive logo, break out of your comfort zone and be a little different. This is your chance to have fun and let your customers know that you are unique and willing to do what it takes to make your company be the one that is remembered.

You want to make sure that you create a unique logo! This sets apart your business, and your brand, from other competitors. So, yes, your logo really does matter. It is important.

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What is the main function of a logo?

A logo is a direct line to building brand loyalty. When your customers and potential customers see it, they are reminded of you and what you do. Side note: Make sure your messaging is consistent and represents your company’s core values. By doing so, you become trusted and reliable.

Brand loyalty is so important, especially in today’s climate. Occasionally, a company will work with someone to redesign their logo, giving a revamp to their image. Your company goes through changes. Sometimes, it’s a service offering or a process and it may require an update to your company image. But, be careful. A consumer can get very confused when a look changes or when something new is implemented. It must be thought out very carefully when deciding whether or not to make such a massive change. You could be taking a step in the right direction, but you may make it harder for your past customers to identify you.

What are the qualities of a good logo?

Creating a timeless logo takes a strategic approach. The best logo designs consist of the following elements:

What are some benefits of using logos in advertisements?

At the end of the day, your custom logo works to enhance public recognition. It’s a direct representation of your brand’s personality and all that you stand for. The more your customers see your logo, the more trust you earn, which increases your sales, and ultimately your ROI.​

As mentioned above, first impressions are crucial. Your logo is normally the first thing your potential customers see. This allows them to recognize you, while also allowing you to show your creativity. It’s no joke that when people can easily remember you, especially by your logo, you have a competitive edge. Think about McDonalds or Nike. It’s instantly recognizable.

The logo is so important because not everyone can remember a full name or location. Your logo provides that easily remembered identity that leaves an impression on your customers. Adding this to your marketing materials begins to create a relationship. As we know, repetition is crucial in marketing.

your logo on marketing materials

A well-thought out logo also conveys the professionalism of your business, ultimately helping to build trust. Think about it. The goal of your brand is to grow and become known, right? Having an easily recognized logo is crucial in growing and increasing brand awareness. Like mentioned above, we know those sneakers are Nike by the check on the side. We know that brown bag is from McDonalds because of the red “M.” This is all done with the use of a logo. ​

A company’s digital presence can be partially defined by its consistency. Whether it be on all of the social channels, websites, blogs or ads, the key to succeeding is consistency. You have to make sure your brand is presented consistently across all of those channels. And a logo will help you do just that, because it is used to communicate who your brand is to those who see it. This includes your company’s mission and values. ​

brand loyalty

Do you need help?

If you have branding needs, get in touch with us today! We are a design firm in Charleston, SC with a team of designers with years of experience. We can help you create a logo that is visually stunning and can be the visual cornerstone in marketing your business.

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