Is your marketing driving business growth?

We're often asked, “How do you know if my marketing is working?” or “What do I do when things aren’t working the way that they should, or the way I think they should?” 

We get it. It’s frustrating.

Think about putting together a new, fabulous, chic-modern piece of furniture only to find out that page 2 of the instructions is missing, or they didn’t include five screws you need to hold it together, or the holes don’t line up juuuust right.

Irritating, right?


For that faulty piece of furniture you may decide to simply throw it in the fire pit. Or once you get over some irritation, perhaps you take a more rational response and return it.

Or... maybe you are the stubborn type that checks the junk drawer for random screws that can adequately do the job and settles to call it a one-of-a-kind item of questionable structural integrity...

What if it’s your marketing that’s not working? Marketing is a much grander investment and one that often feels less concrete in how the pieces should fit together in order to hold weight and produce the desired results.

There is the necessary disclaimer that every business is different with a unique target market and specific set of goals. Marketing as a whole can seem abstract with a lot of potential channels and pieces.

The combination of marketing tools and methods are many, but when dialed in for your business and targeted goals, it makes magic.

How do I know if my marketing is working?

Let’s pull a Jesus and answer the question with another question or two. Take some time to thoughtfully consider each of these questions so you can determine if it is working. They will help you form a clearer picture to where your business stands right now and highlight the direction you need to go in order to strengthen your marketing strategy.

what's the right path for my marketing?

1. Am I doing marketing? It’s hard for something to work when it doesn’t exist. First things first, what are you doing for marketing? Make a list of everything you’re already doing.

2. Am I generating the business I want? In terms of leads or sales, new customers or website conversion rates, are you hitting your goals?

3. Am I measuring the results of my marketing plan? A lot of businesses will measure (and bemoan) the marketing input or cost but don’t take the time to measure results or the output coming from their marketing efforts.

What is the foundation of good marketing?

Armed with the answers to the previous questions and your marketing health score from the quiz, you can now make any necessary adjustment to achieve better results. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive website traffic, or increase brand awareness on social media networks, there are tools you can use.

Be specific in what you’re looking to accomplish and be honest about who you’re trying to reach. Tailor your messaging to your specific audience so you clearly communicate the value and benefits your company brings to your customers.

specific measurements

Don’t neglect your foundation. Even the best strategic marketing can fall flat if you haven’t spent time defining and developing your company values. What is your company culture? How is your customer service? What does your brand stand for? Have you put in the time and effort to build trust with your customers or create credibility in your community? What is the customer experience like?

Good Marketing: From Acorn to Tree

Marketing is a hands-on endeavor. You must nurture the relationship from acorn to mighty oak. It starts with determining the right audience, setting up your online presence, and lead generation.


With an established client base or audience, you utilize different channels to deliver valuable information, increase touch points, and make clear calls to action to convert potential customers into paying clients.

Here is where things can get overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the breadth of digital marketing. There’s SEO and PPC and GMB and social media and more to consider. As our world becomes more digitized, there are more and more options for automation but there are still a lot of platforms to manage to increase online visibility and engagement.

Keep the end in mind and don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Why did you start your business in the first place? What’s your mission and vision and what sort of customer experience are you trying to create? Let this bleed into every facet of your marketing campaigns. The consistency across your brand will shine in your email marketing, paid ads, and SEO strategy, building trust and attracting customers.

good reviews help immensely

Customer satisfaction is important at every stage of the buying process and produces the strongest form of advertising a company can hope for: personal referrals. There’s no better compliment than when happy customers share with their family and friends their great experience with your company. #goals

You began your business with purpose. We’ll help you make an impact. Reach out today!

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