Case Study

Exclusively European

Exclusively European is a local family owned auto repair shop with over 20 years of experience servicing German cars including Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Volvo, and Land Rover.

Our Process


Exclusively European has been serving customers in Charleston for more than 20 years. Business has grown primarily through grass roots efforts and word of mouth. They began adding digital marketing using various tools offered by their shop management software. They were hoping to increase business significantly by doing so.


There were a number of challenges Exclusively European was facing when we began exploring how we could help. They needed new customers, consistently, and they were paying too much to drive new customers into the shop. Digital marketing was spread through different vendors, which was diluting the message and limiting results. They were paying more than the retail cost of their most requested service for each new customer. The software with marketing elements added on was not producing the results they'd hoped for.


Our approach was customer first. We needed to make sure Exclusively European’s customers were hearing the same message, regardless of where they encountered the brand, whether it was social media, email, or even in person at the shop. We had to help them connect with their customers, not just promote their service.


Next, we turned our attention to company culture. Company culture plays a key role in customer experience, which directly impacts the brand and how Exclusively European was received in the community.


Finally, we needed to develop a strategy to connect all the pieces while promoting and driving new customers. This is where we added to Exclusively European’s digital marketing campaigns and introduced the right tools to accomplish their goals.

Finished Product


We hosted a series of company culture workshops to help Exclusively European define what their culture was going to be, how it would be communicated internally and externally to the customer. During these workshops, they defined their values and message.


We updated the visual components of the brand to create consistency on every platform and at the shop. Customers began to see the same brand, both on and offline. All marketing efforts were brought under one roof. This created a single message and allowed Exclusively European to have complete control of all their marketing efforts. We added the right digital tools, such as email marketing, social media, Google ads, video marketing, etc. based on customer demographics and how they interacted with Exclusively European.


New customers increased 200%. Average customer spend increased 42%. Cost per customer acquired decreased 84%. Exclusively European has increased it’s customer base significantly, while providing better service to its customers and has created a strong company culture. All of which has contributed to a more solid and profitable brand.

Jordan Walczuk, CEO

Exclusively European

We’re all looking for somewhere we can take our cars and not be concerned that we’ll be taken advantage of. We strive to create trust with our customers, so we can serve them for years to come. Fortibus has helped us do that.