Exclusively European Dominates the Local Area and Grows Exponentially



High-end, European auto repair facility

Tools Used:

PPC, Email, Social Media, Video, Graphic Design, and targeted Print Ads


200% increase in new customers

42% increase in average customer ticket

84% decrease in cost per acquisition

Client Intro

Exclusively European is a local auto repair facility serving the Charleston area for over 20 years. They specialize in servicing German cars including, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Volvo, and Land Rover.


"We were shotgunning all over the place," said Jordan Walczuk, CEO. They were using marketing add-ons provided by their shop management software and different vendors for every other part of their marketing. The add-ons weren’t producing the results they’d hoped for. And with multiple vendors involved in every aspect of their marketing, Exclusively European was spending too much time managing each vendor and had limited control of the brand messaging and results. It was costing more to acquire a new customer than the average customer was spending. Management was stressed and exhausted trying to find DIY ways of getting better results.


Frustrated with their current processes and results, Jordan reached out to explore ideas to turn things around and bring their marketing under one roof. We did just that, brought all marketing efforts under one roof. Together, we first defined the brand message and how it would be communicated inside the organization and externally to customers. We also updated the branding, making sure customers were seeing the same thing everywhere. The website was updated and new automations were added, making it easier for customers to schedule service. Google ads, social media and video marketing were added to their tools and strategy. Local print advertising that targeted Exclusively European’s ideal customer was integrated as well. All marketing efforts were now being handled by one company, giving Exclusively European more control of content and results, and better, less stressful communication. "The level of transparency and constant communication was a new experience," Jordan said.


The message was clear. Exclusively European was not just another auto repair shop. They cared about their customers and wanted to truly help them stay safe on the road. And it was well received. In 120 days, new customers went from less than one per day to three new customers per day, an increase of more than 200%. Connecting with their customers helped customers realize the staff really cared about them and their safety and customers began to trust the repair recommendations they were receiving, which resulted in average customer spend increasing by 42%, driving revenue up from current customers as well. Bringing their marketing under one roof and syncing their efforts also drove the cost of getting a new customer down. Exclusively European was now spending 84% less money to acquire a new customer. They saved time, energy, resources, and drastically increased revenue. "Bringing all of our marketing into one company, and being very focused and clear and really being able to connect has made such a huge difference," Jordan shared.


increase in new customers


increase in average customer ticket


decrease in cost per acquisition


Jordan shares advice for companies exploring the idea of hiring a marketing agency: "If you’re running a company, you should realize you need to market. Most companies are so busy taking care the day-to-day aspects, focusing on marketing is not something everyone can do in-house. Find a company that’s willing to connect with you and help you connect with your customers."