Case Study

Custom Dashboard Increases Clarity and Drives Data-Driven Decisions

Client Overview

Great Lakes Seminars offers physical therapy continuing education courses to physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, clinics, and hospitals. Courses include in-person workshops across the US, live webinars, and live hybrid classes, enabling working professionals to find and attend the courses they need to renew their licenses.


Great Lakes Seminars was unable to determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and was struggling to understand traditional analytics reports. They needed a quick, simple way to identify where their leads and sales were coming from. They wanted to be able to see their data in one place and easily understand what the data was telling them.

They had multiple platforms providing information but all were running independently of one another and lacked clarity. None of the combined reports the team was generating matched with the individual platforms, and the data collected didn’t paint a clear picture.

If they could get a full view of how their marketing campaigns were contributing to their overall sales they’d know where to invest more money and where they were spending needlessly.

After spending countless hours trying to navigate the data and solve the issue themselves, and after working with two other agencies to try and solve the problem, they weren’t getting anywhere, only more frustrated. Tony, Great Lakes Seminars’ President, was referred to us and reached out to explore how we might help find a solution.


We discussed together with the Great Lakes Seminars team what their ideal reporting would look like and came up with a solution that would fully meet their needs in a very simple, straightforward way. We built a custom dashboard, importing the data from each channel, identifying each campaign and platform and the results of each. A company-wide view was also included for high level visibility.

This new dashboard shows everything their sales and marketing teams need regarding campaign performance to make informed decisions and increase collaboration company wide. To throw a cherry on top, Great Lakes Seminars also has an additional dashboard to keep them up to date with how their purchasers begin their journey to find and buy from them.


As a result, the Great Lakes Seminars team is now more confident to make strategic, data-driven decisions. At any given moment, all their data is in one centralized view and provides them with a very clear and easy to understand picture of campaign performance. This continues to save them considerable time and resources while reducing headaches caused by lack of clarity. They are making more informed decisions and identifying what's working faster than ever, allowing them to curb unnecessary spending and increase sales.

This is exactly what we were thinking. I cannot believe how much better this is than searching through reports.

Tony C.

President, Great Lakes Seminars