Case Study

Water Damage Company Experiences an 800% ROI and Dominates the Local Market

Client Overview

Disaster Plus is Charleston’s oldest locally owned and operated water, mold, and fire damage cleanup company. Providing the Lowcountry with 24/7 service since 1986, Fred and Tracy Norris have faced nearly every scenario imaginable when it comes to dealing with residential and commercial disasters.


After spending a year working with another marketing agency, Disaster Plus was frustrated and not getting a good return on the money they were putting into digital marketing. Fred Norris, owner of Disaster Plus, couldn’t get in touch with their account rep to find out where the disconnect was. And his team was spending too much time in their shop, rather than in the field serving customers.

Discouraged with what was happening and the lack of new customers calling, they reached out to us to help them understand why and turn things around. 


In order to get a full picture of what was happening, we completed The Strategic Blueprint™, a process that provided Disaster Plus with an understanding of their online presence, their competition, their ideal customer, and a strategy to get the results they wanted.

We found their website was sluggish and had broken features, ineffective content and a disjointed user experience. Disaster Plus’ online presence was shallow and narrow which made it hard for a wide range of customers to find them.

We took a three-pronged approach to turn their results around quickly and build a strong foundation for continuous growth. This included a website redesign, a comprehensive SEO strategy, and a multi-faceted ads strategy.

1. Website

The website needed to be visually appealing, provide a simple user experience for someone in an emergency situation, and be structured for search engine rankings.

  • Streamlined Design: Prioritizing user experience, we designed and created a clean, intuitive interface that guides visitors seamlessly through the site. We ensured important information was easily accessible so users could find what they needed quickly.
  • Balanced Conversational Content: The content was crafted to resonate with people while ensuring the proper keywords were included to optimize for search engine ranking.
  • Proper Structure: Without limiting functionality, we enhanced the site’s performance and reliability. We structured the backend so it could be maintained easily while increasing the level of security.

2. SEO

We needed to expand the visibility of Disaster Plus’ organic rankings. We targeted a wide range of keywords, optimized website copy, and utilized a backlink and citation campaign.

  • Diverse Keyword Targeting: We shifted the SEO focus from only targeting one service to include all of their service offering.
  • Content Optimization: We included the right content on the website to ensure greater visibility in search engines and to help more customers find Disaster Plus.
  • Backlink Campaign: This was used to strengthen Disaster Plus’ online footprint by obtaining backlinks on high value, niche-related sites. We also expanded their citations and ensured the information was accurate across the web.

3. Paid Ads

The absence of paid advertising represented a huge opportunity to reach new customers. We incorporated a strategy to ensure Disaster Plus would be seen often and when their customers were looking for help.

  • Local Service Ads: These ads show at the very top of the search results, exactly where Disaster Plus needed to be seen when a customer had an emergency. These ads provided additional credibility with the Google Guaranteed badge.
  • Search Ads: We targeted the exact customer Disaster Plus wanted and used search ads to connect with them at the exact moment they were looking for Disaster Plus’ services.
  • Retargeting Ads: These were used to stay in front of and drive those who visited Disaster Plus’ website back to the site to convert.


Disaster Plus has systematically grown their customer base and it continues to grow. The website is now more reliable and user-friendly, and converts new customers more than ever. Digital visibility has increased and they now rank for more than 75 keywords on page one of Google. With effective ads they have become the local go-to when customers need them, and they have experienced a more than 800% ROI in just over 8 months.

They dominate the local area so well their biggest competitor approached them to find out how they’re doing it!