What do you think of when you hear “brand strategy?” A logo? A long process? Maybe a list of marketing items? In its simplest form, it defines what type of company you are, how you will serve your customers, and how you promote that to them. Consider it a combination of your company culture and your marketing strategy.

Branding Starts with Culture

It starts with company culture. This is the biggest driver of your customer experience. How you honor each other and interact as a team will ultimately define how your team interacts with your customers. We call this your brand experience. Let’s add some perspective.


When going out to dinner, would you rather eat at a restaurant with excellent food and terrible service, or a restaurant with decent food and amazing service? Almost without exception, the choice is the latter. Your company’s brand experience begins with you and ends directly with your customer. By having that customer experience and recognition, you build a competitive edge against your competitors. You begin gaining loyal customers and credibility in your market.

the Basics of Brand Marketing Strategy

To expand, your marketing strategy is where you dive into the details of your product, place, price, and promotion. What type of product or service do you provide, where do you provide it, how much is it, and how do you plan to tell people about it?  What digital channels do your target customers use? What tools will produce the best results...ppc, seo, email marketing, etc? Answers to these questions will start building the foundation on which you build your marketing strategy. We discuss this more on our blog, Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy.

Branding services for increased growth

With so many tools available to help build and grow your customer base, it’s hard to know where to begin. It can be overwhelming and a huge time suck to learn and do the steps necessary to market your company effectively all while serving your customers with excellence. This is where we come in.


As a digital marketing agency located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, with over 15 years of experience, we work with companies small and large. We work with you collaboratively to help you develop and implement an effective brand strategy that will help you reach your goals, while relieving the pressure of having to do it alone. Contact us today to chat about how we can help you!